An open-sourced technology called StyleGAN, released to the public in February of 2019, is used to endlessly generate human-like image synthesis.

This Person Does Not Exist showcases this technology in a friendly to use online service that generated a new profile picture with every refresh of the page. The result is remarkably realistic, and most images that are being synthesized does look like an actual person’s profile picture. It is when the generated image has two faces in it that things start to get completely crazy with some disturbing abominations.

The faces being created are very varied in terms of race, gender and age – small kids to the elderly.

Is ThisPersonDoesNotExit useful?

While it is not perfect, anyone looking for safe to use profile pictures and has a couple of minutes to sift through some algorithm fails and non-relevant images – they are randomly generated – will find just that.

Published On: December 22nd, 2019 / Categories: Uncategorized /

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