These are the guidelines and rules I set and follow for successfully testing and releasing a new feature and implementing changes and adjustments to existing features.

Once you have an operation that is up and running – the funnel is functional and the tracking is set – you need to start testing. It is the quickest way to turn a profit – you’re already sending traffic through a funnel, you might as well optimize it. But testing can be a little tricky if you don’t keep your composure and 

Can I measure the impact that would affirm my hypothesis?

No point in launching a test I can’t accurately measure. You need to technically be able to split traffic and attribute users performance to the right variation.

Which KPIs should you track?

If you’re testing in order to impact the bottom line directly, these are the KPIs you should look to impact.

Unique Click Trough Rate

uCTR is the unique rate of users or sessions that resulted in a click through the funnel. You calculate it by dividing the users clicking out from the site by users arriving on the site. They can click from other pages than the one they landed on.

Unique Conversion Rate

uCR is the unique rate of users or sessions that resulted in a conversion. You calculate it by dividing the number of users converting with the brands by users arriving on the site.

Testing platforms

Launching and measuring a test is complex and there are off the shelf platforms that simplify the technical aspects so you only have to come up with hypothesis and implement the variations.


It is a tracking and campaign management platform, but it also has some AB testing abilities.

Visual Website Optimization

VWO is one of the biggest testing platforms available. It is friendly to use.