A Uniform Resource Locators, or URL, is the web address used to point to an online property or resource. It is made of a number of components, and if you reached this page, you’d like to know what these are.

  1. Scheme/ Protocol – usually HTTP or HTTPS (could also be ftp)
  2. Domain
    1. Sub-domain
    2. Root domain
      1. Domain name
      2. Top Level Domain (TLD)
      3. Second Level Domain (SLD or 2LD)
  3. Port
  4. Path
    1. Directory
    2. File
      1. Name
      2. Extention
  5. Query
    1. Question mark
    2. Parameter and value
    3. Parameter separator
  6. Fragment/ named anchor/ hash
    1. Hash/pound sign
    2. Fragment identifier

Scheme is the place in which we state the protocol to use – mostly HTTP or HTTPS.

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