I came across a service called Anura when a partner used its report as proof of a change in the traffic mix.

The company was founded by a long-time internet veteran Rich Kahn (LinkedIn profile) who was developing a number of fraud prevention technologies and services in a number of different roles and in a number of different companies. Anura is an enterprize level fraud prevention service with a product that is able to sift through traffic and catch fraud with as little as zero false positives – this means you might not identify all fraud sessions, but you won’t falsely identify a real user session as a fraud one.

Use cases Anura is relevant for are: lead generation, eCommerce, Affiliation, paid campaigns, programmatic campaigns, and call campaigns.

A company’s motivation for using fraud prevention could be any one of these: reduce TCPA risks, no fraudulent incoming calls, keep company reputation, effective marketing campaigns, reduce chargebacks, identify fraud traffic sources, and make business decisions based on relevant data.

An interview with Rich Kahn on how Anura came to be and the service it provides

Published On: December 24th, 2019 / Categories: Uncategorized /

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