Lior Meshullam

Generate Growth Through Great UX

My name is Lior and I’m an online entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience managing processes and teams in the leading companies in online publishing and performance marketing – William Hill, Webpals, and Natural Intelligence. These companies operate in the most competitive and lucrative verticals. I worked with the most talented and authoritative professional on landscape changing projects and products.

William Hill (link) is a globally recognizable gaming brand that is operating in competitive regulated marketing and servicing millions of players around the world. Their products are available on web, mobile apps, and desktop downloads. I joined the company as a Product Manager and was in charge of the company’s white label brands. I also performed AB tests that improved the CTR of different user funnels.

Webpals (link) is a performance publishing company with top ranking assets in finance, tech and gambling. They produce valuable and SEO optimized content that generates organic traffic. I joined the company as a Product Manager of the biggest business unit and formed the company’s optimization team. The features I developed were used by visitors to the company’s assets and different internal stakeholders using the CMS.

Natural Intelligence (link) is a performance marketing company with the highest PPC spend in Israel (Google’s biggest client). It drives growth by matching user intent with relevant products and services. I joined the company as a Product Team Leader at the company’s highest grossing business unit. As part of my team’s responsibilities we entered new GEOs while following local compliance, and developed the features that raised the average Earning Per Visitor.

In 2019 I identified an opportunity in owning digital assets – mostly content focused – and set out to create a strategically picked portfolio of websites under the name Revgineer. After a quick talk, I decided to sell my house and fund the first websites purchase. It was an easy decision to make as I’m very confident in the continuous rise of digital content consumption and the demand by companies and individuals for owning websites as a form of income generating asset.

Over time, I developed a set of valuable skills:

  • Product Manager – A strong focus on UX and UI in revenue generating features, and a quick time to market. I’ve worked on web and application (iOS, Android, and desktop) in B2B and B2C companies. Created completely new experiences for industries I’ve worked at. Worked in subscription, gaming, and commerce business models.
  • Growth, Monetization, and CRO – Find low hanging fruits and cross sell opportunities. Fix leaks in user funnels. Optimize through vigorous AB testing.
  • Builder of Niche Websites – Pick the “right” niche and domain (new or aged), do content research and SEO and user focused briefs, launch a WP website optimized for performance (Core Web Vitals).
  • Buyer and Seller of Niche Websites – complete pre-purchase due diligence, valuation appraisal, identify risks and opportunities, plan for an easy/quick flip.

The formula is simple, I build and buy websites, grow them through valuable content (SEO), and close deals with the biggest partners to monetize the incoming traffic. I’ve grown from a monthly average revenue of $4,700 in 2019 to $4,900 in 2020, and $7,700 in 2021.

My plan for the coming years is to niche down, grow in specific GEOs and earn higher authority. I’ll niche down by selling a few passive assets in less lucrative niches, in exchange for a bigger market share in the more lucrative ones. I’ll recruit writers, content editors, and VAs in each GEO I’ll target – partners and retailers specifically ask for traffic from some countries. I’ll earn authority by providing higher value, better communication channels, and diverse content formats – audio and video.

The niches I’ll focus on and their respective GEOs are:

  • Online lottery in India and LATAM – The niche is considered soft gaming, as opposed to casino and sports betting that are considered gambling. For this reason, it is not heavily regulated but still has high player LTV. As mobile phones become cheaper and broadband faster, more potential players become connected. Websites I already have: TTBOL, TTBOL ES
  • Gardening in North America – The niche is competitive but has some entry opportunities. It is also targeting middle class 40+ yo, which is a highly desirable section of the population by advertisers. Developed countries have more leisure time than ever before and hobbies gain popularity. Websites I already have: ZG
  • Pets (mostly popular dog breeds) in North America – The niche is very competitive, but by publishing breed specific websites, I can gain authority and rank.

My end goal is to have a substantial revenue stream that requires little effort and is run remotely by freelancers. A secondary goal is to have it formulated to the level it can be easily taught to others. We all should have a diverse source of income to rise our quality of life and lower our dependency on salary.